Saturday, August 15, 2015

From Stillwater to Riverwoods

I accomplished the arduous task of tearing everything down and loading it on car and trailer and left Minnesota Mon; August 10 and drove to Deerfield, Illinois; to my friend Jim's; which is 11 miles from my hometown of Glenview. I rode there on Wednesday and visited friends and my brother Jon. Jon and Kim had me over for Supper and I rode home in the dark. Total miles: About 30. Next day I rode to Chicago; down Milwaukee Ave to Lawrence; which is close to St Francis, Catholic Worker House; where I have friends. They gave me Coffee and Lunch and I left the batteries there to charge. Then I went out exploring and took some front forks that Jeff had given me to Uptown Bikes.
After I got my fully charged batteries from Catholic Worker I headed up the Lake Front
At the Lakefront of Northwestern University I met this incredibly fit Lady named Belle and talked about Love Light. Then I went home to Jim's little apartment he and Nancy had let me use.

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