Saturday, May 14, 2016

"you need to write a blog post and educate others."

In Fayetteville, Arkansas; where some of my kids live; they have a bike trail 60 miles long that connects 5 towns/cities. No need to go on the roads except to access your destination. It's wonderful! I rode my Grand Daughter 45 miles one day on my ebike pulling her trailer. I rode some distances on my ebike: Big EZE in the Chi Burbs and I really felt justified taking off early from red lights to get out of the cars but the drivers were indignant and let me know. They're doing bike trails and lanes but there's not enough lanes and sometimes not good lanes. The trails are designed more for recreation than transportation.I made it from Buffalo Grove, down Milwaukee to near Wrigley field in 1.25 hrs by jumping the gun at red lights and staid ahead of traffic most of the way. This is doable safely because it's obvious when there's no cross traffic and we're just waiting for nothing. Otherwise we're just in a heard of cars and risking being run over.Before riding on Milwaukee and you look at it; it seems insane! Cars and Trucks booming and clattering as they speed and accelerating and braking in a big dusty dangerous hurry. You look out at it and say; "I'm going to ride in that?" Then you get out in it and it's fun as long as you can ride aggressively and lawlessly. It's much safer; too. Then the challenge becomes a race to see how fast you can do it. That is what America is supposed to be! Free!"Okay Charles, you need to write a blog post and educate others. Just a suggestion."