Saturday, April 20, 2013

Xtra Cycle Side Car.

April 19 the Xtra Cycle side car arived that I had preordered from the warehouse a month ago. They had been out of stock because they hadn't expected them to be so popular when they built the first batch of 150. They built twice as many the second time. I built it this morning. It had no instructions but it was simple. I decided to put it on the right side because I push from the left side. The floor is scratched and I want this to be show but otherwise if I was going to use it for hauling it would get banged up anyway. I'm sure they would send me an unscratched one. It's designed non rigidly so the bike can lean in turns. I even lubricated it a little. Shelia rode on it and there is a bit of a problem with the bike tipping toward the load but once you get on and ride it's easy to compensate. I'm planning to put an electric motor on it; otherwise; unless I lived in a totally flat area I could not pull a full load; which could be up to 700 lb; with this set up. I'm going to have to figure out some more braking power too. Doesn't it look great in the Garage? That's what it looks like when you start replacing cars with cargo bikes. Charley

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Adahi Trail.

I don't know why I've neglected to include the Adahi Trail in Cherokee Village; near our home; where we ride all the time. Especially since it was me who opened it in 1997. Yes, it was Me fighting my way through a jungle of growth; first in the fall of '96 and then again in early '97 to open it on Earth Day. The trouble is that people have forgotten the legacy; but I have an old newspaper article to prove it. After I opened it others joined in and one man built some bridges for it. After Earth Day the Sportsmen's Club took it over, widened it and did some chain saw sculptures. It runs 1/2 mile from Village Center Garden to the Thunderbird Center pier. When we were on it last Saturday 4 groups of people walked by and more people are discovering it all the time.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Early April Explores: Kati Trail, Mo.

Edward D. (Ted)Jones plaque. MKT Trail Bridge. Ryan at Volt Riders of Columbia, Mo. let me test ride his ebike and I took it to the MKT Trail in the center of Town. It's a 10 mile long connection to the Katy Trail which is 240 miles; from St Charles to Clinton, Mo. One picture is of the Plaque to honor Tom Jones; the founder of the Katy Trail. Then I am at the Rochport Tunel. The Katy Trail runs beside the Missouri River for most of the way and goes through many picturesque towns. There are many B&B's, Campgrounds and places to eat along the way.