Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I packed and left yesterday from Buffalo Grove, Il. and drove back home to Arkansas. I must say; it took a lot less time to get organized and ready to roll: (4 Hours) than the first time from Arkansas: (A Month); or the second time from Minnesota: (2 Days). It helps to know what I have to do and especially, have all the ropes ready. I brought 2 new front motors and got a couple of throw away motors that may be good. But anyway; I'm home from a great adventure of 29 Days, 1957.6 miles driving (34 mpg) and about 700 miles bike riding.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ride to the North Shore Rail to Trail.

Yesterday afternoon I went to look at some trees in Lake Bluff; a City in the North Suburbs along Lake Michigan. I got there on Big EZE. Then after riding on a bad road I realized I was riding right beside the North Shore Rail to Trail Line. So after looking at the Trees I rode over to the lake on it. There's old concrete works integrated into the new and you can see old power poles from the 1930's on the Mundelein Branch and the beautiful turned wall under the bridge. There's a beautiful park named Sunrise Park in Lake Bluff; at the end of Ravine Drive that has a street along it and some beautiful old Victorian Homes that I lucked into.Then I found Chicken of the Woods by the River.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Catch Up and my ride in the mud and rain.

It's rained every day but Sunday but it's waited until afternoon or night. I didn't get any pictures but Jim and I went out Sunday afternoon on the N trail and he showed me the great shortcut through the construction. Jim and Nancy have ebikes I got them and we took them up to Rt 60 where Jim showed me an RC field for flying model airplanes. We rode 60 E to Riverwoods Road and started S and went past Assertion of Our Lord Greek Orthodox Church; where my Brother Joel is getting married in 3 days. Next I ran out of power and had to pedal about 10 miles back. I think it ran out early because the batteries were left unused for over a year and the one was weak. So I found out that it's not that hard to pedal the small ebike without power. Jim dropped his bike twice and the cheap rack the battery was on, totally broke apart so I went back on Monday with 2 new racks and installed them. Tuesday I finished the job; installing the rear lights. Yesterday evening I went for a ride. It was real cloudy and I asked my friend Randy if it was going to rain and he said no. He was wrong. The ride started out nice; if a bit cloudy, and I rode to Rt 60 and went into a little Italian Restaurant and got a slice of Pizza. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the time to do that. When I crossed 22 it started to rain with Thunder and Lightning. That's actually the first time I rode my electric bike in the rain and I was only partly prepared to protect the electronics but it went fine. I had bags for my controls on the handlebars and a raincoat but the batteries have holes that water can get in. The worst place was the shortcut and construction zone when I was almost back. A half mile of mud. I made it and found the hole in the fence and got back to my little garage appartment where I'm staying. And my Bike was one muddy mess in the morning.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Desplaines River Trail.

Before I left I got a good Brunch provided by Lupe. Here's one of her Daughter's posing by my bike and the scene behind The Mulch Center.
I wanted to take a picture of the crazy; Milwaukee Avenue I have to ride on and this guy came riding up on his Recumbent Trike and we took each other's pictures. David Goldman is a guy with disabilities who's planning to ride Rt 66 next year. The reason he was riding up Milwaukee is they have to detour here along the Desplaines River Trail because of property issues. Everyone does and I've seen children riding their bikes along this dangerous road too.
So I rode the beautiful trail until I got to a RR Track I couldn't manage to get across with Big EZE and I went to my friend's house and they weren't home.
old CCC era construction.Ginormous Cottonwood Tree.
I also had a flat and almost in the rain.
I had to take shelter but I found out that if I hadn't forgotten my flag and gone back to get it, I would have gotten into a far worse rain near home. So thank God.
The CCC Era work.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

From Stillwater to Riverwoods

I accomplished the arduous task of tearing everything down and loading it on car and trailer and left Minnesota Mon; August 10 and drove to Deerfield, Illinois; to my friend Jim's; which is 11 miles from my hometown of Glenview. I rode there on Wednesday and visited friends and my brother Jon. Jon and Kim had me over for Supper and I rode home in the dark. Total miles: About 30. Next day I rode to Chicago; down Milwaukee Ave to Lawrence; which is close to St Francis, Catholic Worker House; where I have friends. They gave me Coffee and Lunch and I left the batteries there to charge. Then I went out exploring and took some front forks that Jeff had given me to Uptown Bikes.
After I got my fully charged batteries from Catholic Worker I headed up the Lake Front
At the Lakefront of Northwestern University I met this incredibly fit Lady named Belle and talked about Love Light. Then I went home to Jim's little apartment he and Nancy had let me use.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Almelund Threshing Show

Jeff wanted to go to the Almelund Threshing Show so Teddy and I went there. I've only been to a couple Threshing Bee's but this one was pretty cool; with lots of old machinery, a parade and a Steam Powered Sawmill. Before we left for the Show; Teddy put a really cool skid plate on my trailer.
I also took some cool pics of his planes.
The Threshing Show was cool if you like old machinery and could take all the exhaust.
I also liked the Chicks on Tractors
And the cute Family machines.So I add the cute family machine I saw at work at Jeff's house the morning after I got back.
No pollution and nothing but cuteness.