Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Catch Up and my ride in the mud and rain.

It's rained every day but Sunday but it's waited until afternoon or night. I didn't get any pictures but Jim and I went out Sunday afternoon on the N trail and he showed me the great shortcut through the construction. Jim and Nancy have ebikes I got them and we took them up to Rt 60 where Jim showed me an RC field for flying model airplanes. We rode 60 E to Riverwoods Road and started S and went past Assertion of Our Lord Greek Orthodox Church; where my Brother Joel is getting married in 3 days. Next I ran out of power and had to pedal about 10 miles back. I think it ran out early because the batteries were left unused for over a year and the one was weak. So I found out that it's not that hard to pedal the small ebike without power. Jim dropped his bike twice and the cheap rack the battery was on, totally broke apart so I went back on Monday with 2 new racks and installed them. Tuesday I finished the job; installing the rear lights. Yesterday evening I went for a ride. It was real cloudy and I asked my friend Randy if it was going to rain and he said no. He was wrong. The ride started out nice; if a bit cloudy, and I rode to Rt 60 and went into a little Italian Restaurant and got a slice of Pizza. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the time to do that. When I crossed 22 it started to rain with Thunder and Lightning. That's actually the first time I rode my electric bike in the rain and I was only partly prepared to protect the electronics but it went fine. I had bags for my controls on the handlebars and a raincoat but the batteries have holes that water can get in. The worst place was the shortcut and construction zone when I was almost back. A half mile of mud. I made it and found the hole in the fence and got back to my little garage appartment where I'm staying. And my Bike was one muddy mess in the morning.

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