Sunday, August 16, 2015

Desplaines River Trail.

Before I left I got a good Brunch provided by Lupe. Here's one of her Daughter's posing by my bike and the scene behind The Mulch Center.
I wanted to take a picture of the crazy; Milwaukee Avenue I have to ride on and this guy came riding up on his Recumbent Trike and we took each other's pictures. David Goldman is a guy with disabilities who's planning to ride Rt 66 next year. The reason he was riding up Milwaukee is they have to detour here along the Desplaines River Trail because of property issues. Everyone does and I've seen children riding their bikes along this dangerous road too.
So I rode the beautiful trail until I got to a RR Track I couldn't manage to get across with Big EZE and I went to my friend's house and they weren't home.
old CCC era construction.Ginormous Cottonwood Tree.
I also had a flat and almost in the rain.
I had to take shelter but I found out that if I hadn't forgotten my flag and gone back to get it, I would have gotten into a far worse rain near home. So thank God.
The CCC Era work.

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